I hate you to the moon and back

I hate you to the moon and back


I hate you to the moon and back

You’re such a good-for-nothing guy who messes up my life

I guess all you could do is to fake some lies

To pretend like you care, but actually you never ever ever did

I wish something really bad happen to you and you will be terribly hurt

I wish someone shout at your face that you’re such a big fat loser

I wish you can’t never find nowhere to hide in the cold rain of this winter

I wish you would be ill all alone and no one will pay you a single visit

If that’s not enough to teach you a precious lessons for all the evil things you did

I would personally do something really really bad to ruin your messy life

So that one day I will be so happy watching you crying just like a little child

If there were really something bothering your stupid, vapid and insipid head

So here’s my final word: Don’t ever think I’m elegant and sweet

When I get mad at someone, I’m the worst devil you could ever see

So you’d better back up or run away immediately

Keep making me angry and all you receive will be sorrow and hurt!




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