Something that makes me feel safe

Something that makes me feel safe


Everybody wants to feel secured and safe

I’m not an exception, I’m a flight risk actually

Like a little child, I always seek for a comfortable place to be

I’m on my guard to somewhere crowded and strange

or someone weird and seem-to-be dangerous


There’re some small things that usually make me feel safe

I have a warm and soft blanket that without it I couldn’t sleep at night

I put it on even when it’s extremly hot some days

My mother couldn’t pursuade me to put my blanket into the washing machine

Even when it already smells like yohurt


I have a backpack that according to my father – is made for under-10-year-old kids

I love to wear it when I go out, well, almost everywhere

It gets dirty sometimes but I don’t actually care

‘Cause when I wear it, I feel like someone’s firmly getting my back


I have someone that naturally make me feel safe

When I’m around them, I feel like I can be myself and no one will laugh at me

They will do everything to make me feel happy

Just like I will do everything to keep their smiles always brightening their cute faces


And now I think it’s high time to take risks

My life has turned to a brand-new page already

This summer I’ll be in a very strange and very big city

And I can’t bring along my family, my friends, my blanket or my backpack

But as long as I know there’s somewhere extremely safe that I can always get back

I’ll be strong and confident in every step that I’ll go …

Just like there’s always a warm and firm hand to hold …




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