A big world outside

A big world outside


The truth is you’re the best guy I’ve ever known

But one more truth is, well, I haven’t known so many guys to compare you with

It’s such a big big world outside for me to discover and I’m now fearless

Would it be just another exaggeration of feelings or would it be real?

I’ve spent so many days and nights waiting for my burning wound to naturally heal

And like a phantom, you’ve been haunting me and making me obssessed

I miss you, I wait for you, I dream about you, I have to confess

But you’ve never ever spared a thought for me, accept it, it’s ok!

I keep pursuading myself that it’s not our last goodbye

And that someday magics will appear to bring you in my arms at last

But no, reality is rather cold and sad

We’re so far away from each other way way before we ever say our last goodbye

So please forget me, don’t ever take one more step further into my life

And please save me from all those blind and torturing hopes

You’ll never return, once you walk away you’ll keep treading ahead

Our path of life will never get crossed again no matter how hard I try

So I’ll do everything to naturally fake another lie

That I’ve forgot all about you and you’re just some fading image in the past

And I’ll do everything to go against my heart

It’s a big world outside, would it be another exaggeration of feelings or would it be real?




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