A pathetic psycho

A pathetic psycho


This is a story about a pathetic spycho

Who eats like a cat and drinks like a horse

Who wakes up early every morning writing letters she would never send off

Who goes to bed very late at night promising herself she would never do that again

But, well, the next day seems to be the same

That’s why this is a story a bout her

a pathetic spycho who rhymes things with things

for no reasons …


Poor you, kid!


This pathetic psycho really loves to make a very long lists

Just to find a track of her life, but it turns out to be hopeless actually

Then she sticks to her laptop to write something no matter how stupid it is

She keeps sending things into the giant void outside, though no one ever know she exists


She sheds some tears for some good-for-others chances she has missed

Just to fake a cover that she never gives a jack shit about

She screams out loud sometimes with the seething crowd

But deep down inside she doesn’t care what they’re doing, how pathetic!


She wants to change her life immediately like a magical magic

She dreams away her everyday to see where fate would lead her to

But never ever does fate give her a single stupid clues

So she’s stuck there like an old grandma with a grumbling face


Hey, psycho, life’s full of tough decisions to make

You could be a pathetic psycho, but you can’t be a coward after all


And it takes a lot of courage to be a psycho, just to let you know!






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