Dear Holland – the junk food

Dear Holland,


Dear Holland it’s officially our last goodbye

I can’t handle it anymore, I mean this whole stupid crush

You don’t spare me even a teeny tiny corner in your heart

So why do I have to spend days and nights dreaming about a jerk just like you?

Now when I stand a little bit taller to have a broader view

I realize you’re the most terrible mistake I’ve ever made

And if this whole stupid thing ever has an expiration date

Well, I think I’ve suffered so long from a serious food poison

So I’ll dump it into a trash can now without hesitation

You’re not a really nice bite for me to plunge my head deeper into blind love

You might be so smug thinking about how attractive you’re to girls

Oh man, seriously? Give me a break!

You’re the type of person that girls might like, but just to flirt with only

And by the way, don’t you know you’re a dish that is way too cheesy?

You might be delicious on the very first bite

But taste like garbage on, well, may be the third

Even when you try to top yourself with some really really good sauce

I’m sorry boy, even a hungry puppy will turn around just after a little bit sniffing

Don’t you know, Holland, boy, you stink!








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