I have to go home today. Today a niece of mine died before she was born. We brought her to the hometown, so that she could rest there forever, and we could come to visit her whenever we want. I can’t believe that an angel like her could go away so soon like that. Poor my brother and sister! They must be so upset … My brother is the nicest brother in the whole world that everybody could hope to have. Why is god so cruel to him like that? All he wants in his life is happiness with his family and he does everything he could to make everybody happy … It’s unfair … It’s totally unfair … This whole shit damn life!

I have to go home. I would die if I stay in Hanoi and enjoy my everyday life just like nothing has happened. No, I want to be there, with my family, share with them this torturing sadness … To show them how much I love them and how precious the moments I spend with them are!

It’s raining outside … I’m crying inside …

God bless you, my little angel!


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