When I was six, I thought life was in a motionless picture

Grandpa was born grandpa, with white hair and eyeglasses

Daddy was born daddy, with firm hands and wise head

Mummy was born mummy, married to daddy and picked me up somewhere

Where I was fallen from the sky just like a little drop of rain …


When I was 10, I failed to perform successfully in a magic show

The whole school laughed at me, called me crazy, stupid and lunatic

I heard a supposed-to-be-best-friend saying I was so ugly with my crooked teeth

But my daddy wiped all my tears and whispered to me before bed everyday:

“You’re the most beautiful lady in this whole world, ‘cause you’re my little girl” …


When I was 15, I thought I found the dream of my life

I spent most of my time reading and observing the sky above

The world was seen from an over-theoretical perspective

All I minded about was “How was the universe born according to Bigbang theory?”

I was so happy, pure and fearless back then …


When I was 20, I tied my whole life into a knot

I saw something sparkling and mistook it for gold

I told lies for a couple of times to hide my shaking soul

I was nice to someone then ran away when they became too nice in return

That’s a typical me, with a head full of switching and crazy thoughts …


Well, I was 21 now, and again, I tie my whole life into a knot …




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