I caught sight of you

I caught sight of you


I thought I forgot you

I thought we went different ways

But when I caught sight of you today

Once again, you blew me away …


I like you in your cute sweater

I like the way you frown and the shy look upon your face

I watched your life in pictures

“We will meet again”, I prayed


Live well and be happy my superman

I’ll pray for you though we’ll never meet again

I realize even when I curse you, thinking I hate you so much

Once I catch sight of you, memories stir and love fills my heart …



Duong Lam ancient village – A land lost in time …

Duong Lam ancient village – a land lost in time …

If you take a trip to Vietnam, it would be such a regret if you fail to visit Duong Lam ancient village, the old village that has preserved the Vietnamese old lifestyle for hundreds of years. Once coming there, you would be overwhelmed by the pure atmosphere of a land that has not been affected by urbanization or any trends in a life full of vanities. It feels like time has stopped there and the most familiar images of a peaceful village in the past have been framed and cherished from all the funny tricks of time.

Duong Lam ancient village is one in very few villages that were not destroyed or reconstructed through several fluctuations in Vietnamese history. You can find hundreds of old houses in Duong Lam which are preserved in their original structure with wooden frames and beehive stone walls – a specific trait of Vietnam that you could not see anywhere else. One of the most interesting thing about those houses is that the owners and their family have been living there from generation to generation, maintaining their ancestors’ heritage with honor and love. Therefore, visiting those houses would never give you the feeling and experience of a museum tour. Instead, by observing villagers’ lifestyle, by sharing with them a friendly conversation, by enjoying a meal with traditional cuisine served by them, you would find for yourself an unforgettable trip with realistic experience and intimate interactions.

Duong Lam ancient village is also famous for several old historic sites that bear inside themselves interesting stories as well as mysterious legends. A bicycle tour would give you the leisure and peace riding around the village enjoying the sweet fresh air of a countryside while enable you to stop whenever you want to take photos of beautiful scenes or to visit a small shrine hidden under the shade of a great banyan tree. A trip to Duong Lam would mean more than just a relaxation activity. It is a trip to the past. It is one step closer to the real nature of Vietnam – a country of hidden charm…



Where are you?

Where are you?


Where are you, when I’m getting so bored?

I’m home alone and I feel ignored

If you were here we might have popcorn and coke

I would tell you about my bad day and I guess you might laugh

I need to grow up

But I don’t

‘cause I want to always be your little girl …


Where are you, when I’m feeling lost?

You are a big tough man and you’ve been through all of it

You know where to go and you’re not afraid of anything

If you were here, you would scare my fear away and I would stop shaking

‘cause you are my cup of hot milk

‘cause you are the love that I feel


Where are you, when I’m feeling small?

I need big hands, great heart and strong embrace

If you were here you would kiss my forehead and take my heavy backpack

You might walk me home and wait outside until I turn my light off


I need someone singing me a lullaby

I need someone seeing the tears I try to hide

Where are you?

I’m feeling bored

I’m feeling lost

I’m feeling small

I’m feeling all alone


Where are you?

You might be so close

Little do I know …

You might be so far

On Jupiter and Mars …



Day of an office girl

Day of an office girl


Day of an office girl

Starts at half past 8 am

Take a deep breath and fake a smile

Checking your hair in the mirror twice


Eyes glue to the screen

There’re always fixed forms to fill

But sometimes her thought sneaks out to the street

When a handsome guy walks by or when the sunshine brightens up


Day of an office girl

Lunch box routine and small talk for fun

Writing somethings when others take a quick nap

Desperately hoping a little romance would help


Day of an office girl

Safe and secured but lack of fun

Don’t be a paper girl or a telephone girl for good!

Don’t let your mind be trapped in a small office!




Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Float like a butterfly, sting like a  bee

– Something I found in my textbook (Multinational business finance) – 


Life is complicated, at least to me

I think about life stuffs just to go crazy

Can’t be a kid all the time

we’ll all grow up

But float like a butterfly, sting like a bee


How could we ever live without dreaming?

But dreaming all the time

without minding daily stuffs

How to make money

to buy meat, vegetables

underwears and socks

How to smell better

to look more gorgeous

to trap a nice boy

before he’s quite aware of the very real you

They are all very important

daily, material stuffs of life

But we can’t walk around

Losing all our mind

acting like a programmed robot


The beauty of balance, it’s what  we need in life

So when material things and reality drag you down

and you can barely feel any joy or hope

Switch to romantic things instead

Reading novels

Watching movies made in Hollywood

Writing poems

and dedicate them to someone you love

It would be nice feeling your heart echo

Listening to a song

with sweet melodies

and meaningful lyrics

It’s just like for a magical world

You’ll leave


I guess we all should

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Or so …



Dear dad

Dear daddy


It’s always me who talk about sadness and pain

But today it’s you – the world strongest man

Now that I see your Achille heel

I wish I could let you know how little it means

And I will always love you, still

I know we all live for something

Something that is the spine

Something that makes us proud

And when it goes tumbling down

We are lost

So what big deal

We’re all chaining ourselves

While freedom should matter the most


I’m not wise enough to judge

And I still have a whole life ahead to fail

To me money is important but it’s not the utmost

There are mouths to feed but there are also heads to fill

You feed my mouth

You fill my head

You teach me that there are not just hard ground to walk

But also a blue sky to reach

And I always believe

Even now

In the middle of a chaotic world

Where a fool with money would behave like a king

Screw them!

I will go my way

I will be strong enough

I will keep my faith

I am not afraid of making mistakes


Above all

I would be free

Above all

I would be me

Daddy, you’ve done your best

Trust me, it’s my turn

I’ll go my own way

And whether it’s wrong or right

I’ll never regret!