Duong Lam ancient village – A land lost in time …

Duong Lam ancient village – a land lost in time …

If you take a trip to Vietnam, it would be such a regret if you fail to visit Duong Lam ancient village, the old village that has preserved the Vietnamese old lifestyle for hundreds of years. Once coming there, you would be overwhelmed by the pure atmosphere of a land that has not been affected by urbanization or any trends in a life full of vanities. It feels like time has stopped there and the most familiar images of a peaceful village in the past have been framed and cherished from all the funny tricks of time.

Duong Lam ancient village is one in very few villages that were not destroyed or reconstructed through several fluctuations in Vietnamese history. You can find hundreds of old houses in Duong Lam which are preserved in their original structure with wooden frames and beehive stone walls – a specific trait of Vietnam that you could not see anywhere else. One of the most interesting thing about those houses is that the owners and their family have been living there from generation to generation, maintaining their ancestors’ heritage with honor and love. Therefore, visiting those houses would never give you the feeling and experience of a museum tour. Instead, by observing villagers’ lifestyle, by sharing with them a friendly conversation, by enjoying a meal with traditional cuisine served by them, you would find for yourself an unforgettable trip with realistic experience and intimate interactions.

Duong Lam ancient village is also famous for several old historic sites that bear inside themselves interesting stories as well as mysterious legends. A bicycle tour would give you the leisure and peace riding around the village enjoying the sweet fresh air of a countryside while enable you to stop whenever you want to take photos of beautiful scenes or to visit a small shrine hidden under the shade of a great banyan tree. A trip to Duong Lam would mean more than just a relaxation activity. It is a trip to the past. It is one step closer to the real nature of Vietnam – a country of hidden charm…




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