Every single moment

Every single moment in my life would define who I am. I can’t believe that it could take me so long to realize that. This discovery also comes with a fear that really forces me to look back at every decision that I made and every path of life that I ever took to have a clearer view about me, about my life, about what I should do for the rest of my life. I’m listening to music while blogging right now. That seems stupid to judge who I am and who I will be based on that single insignificant snapshot of my life. Yet, I think it makes sense to know who you are and who you will be just by taking a look at what you do every day. Sometimes you might think there’re some harmless habits to take, such as smoking, drinking, reading tabloids of some kind or getting obsessed in endless TV series  just for relaxation. However, just one touch then you can see the effect linger for the rest of your life. Your brain loves habits, loves the stability of actions and the same track of thoughts; therefore, you would always end up doing again and again something you just intended to try for once. Besides, I guess there would be no MOMENT  after which our life would change profoundly, as movies or novels always love to mention. By the word MOMENT, I mean it’s a single flash of one event or of a single thought that comes across your mind just like a lightning. Yes, there would be MOMENTS like that, but those MOMENTS are rooted from your everyday actions. We all see things fall down to the ground every single day, but only one man, who spent his childhood absorbing all sources of knowledge he could access, could come up with a great discovery that would change the world forever. Think about it, life is fair when giving us the same resources: time. We all have 24 hours a day to spend, but you can see among more than 6 billions human-beings in our planet, we are so different in what we achieve and even what we believe. Yes, religion, background, culture count, really really count. But think about it, religion, background and culture are things that you’re exposed to every single day of your life and they really shape your life.

So be aware. Every single moment counts. Who you are 5 years, 10 years, even 20 years from now might have a subtle initial connection with what you’re doing right now. That scares me a lot, but it made me less blind and less lost than I used to be.


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