Enough time for a second chance …

It’s not easy to give others a second chance. Or simply, you don’t have enough time to. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Most of the time you will only judge one person based on your first impression about them. If it’s not good, their bad image will become fixed in your mind. When you think about them, you think about the bad experience. When you talk about them, you will talk ill of them. The impression will soon become an undeniable truth to you, you will believe it and make others believe it. Based on what? Well, just the first impression. The situation turns worse as we tend to walk past each other much faster than in the past. You’re surrounded by a tremendously bigger pool, so the available chances make you underestimate any connections you’ve already had. So what big deal, you think. I can meet plenty of other cool guys. You’re not wrong. Yes, you can meet millions of them. But to build a relationship, you need time, starting with time to give others a second chance.

Think about it, all of us have some bad days when all we want to do is to hide ourselves in the room, feeling totally lost or broken. If you can have that feeling, others can. They can’t always stay cool and perform their best. Believe it or not, just like you, they want to show their best side, they want to be nice and to be loved. Please be tolerant and open-minded enough to accept the fact that the bad first impression you have about someone may result from those dark moments that anyone could possibly suffer from. Give them a second chance. Don’t take up the habit of judging a book based on its cover. Think about yourself, you’re never perfect.

First impression is important, isn’t it? So while you become more tolerant, for your best sake, you should also think about the first impression you give others. There’re plenty of people that will never or simply can never give you a second chance, even when personally they really want. An employer can only give you a few minutes to show him you’re the desired person. So all you can do is grabbing the opportunity and do your best. Think about your look. Think about your manner. Take care of anything that could tell people about you even at their first glance. And make sure they’re good …

But you don’t have to be at your best all the time. Sometimes you can allow yourself to be crazy and lost … Some mean ones will judge, but who cares?


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