To live with an open heart

I’ve been stalking “Humans of New York” facebook page for quite a long time and I get pretty excited when they have just turned to a whole new section capturing moments of Vietnamese people all country round. The idea of posting picture of a random person with their little story in a few words totally amazes me as I think we all see parts of ourselves reflected in some those people and therefore become more sympathetic and more noble in our heart. Besides, setting aside all the false delusion of fame, I guess if you pay attention you would see every normal human-being has a beautiful part somewhere that should be shared, understood and cherished.

A recent picture that receives several likes and shares depicts a girl – a worker with an innocent and sad face – whose answer to the question: “Do you remember the happiest moment of your life?” was something simple yet instantly brought me to tears: “Everyday when I get home from work.”

She’s so lucky to be happy every single day. Yet she’s also a poor girl because she doesn’t have a personal happiness that has nothing to do with work. I mean her happiness seems to be just the flip side of constant pressure and boredom. If she couldn’t find something else beyond these two status of life, that would be tragic. Well, at least that’s what I thought at first.

Then, a question just stroke me: “Who am I to be judging her like that?” Happiness is something subjective and relatively-defined. Not only does it vary among different individuals, but it also constantly changes in every single stage of our life. After all, we’re not alone in the quest for happiness. “It eluded us then, but that’s no matter – tomorrow we will run faster, stretch our arms farther … And one fine morning – …” – “The Great Gasby” by Scott Fitzgerald.


(Ảnh anh Lộc)

Women around me …

I have quite a weird feeling these days, especially when I’m on my way to work, you know, swimming among a chaotic sea of people around, all of whom are trying to go ahead by jostling against the others. I couldn’t help but notice that there are quite a lot of women in the crowd, on their way to work, of course, yet with a child or 2 behind them and a package of food hanging on the handle of their motorbike. I bet they pretty much have to do those errands every single day for 10 years or even more. How could they get by without being fed up or without getting mad at all the pressures they have to endure? As a woman, I haven’t got a family around my neck; however, I feel like I’m always up to the eyeballs with my work, my relationship and my other petit worries of all sorts. On top of which, I always feel lost and wasted, you know, just bothering about me and myself only. Looking at other women around me, some of whom are very close such as my mom, my aunts, my cousins, etc., I can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with me or what’s wrong with all of them? Do they just compromise to walk the same path as their moms or do they fight for what they come to realize as true happiness?