See yourself with your own eyes

We live among a sea of people. Each of them look at you, yet they only see some of your facets. I think, it is important to see yourself with your own eyes, and be highly aware of the fact that you are a diamond, sparkling with so many facets.

You are precious. You are unique. You are multi-faceted.

Not everyone around you would bother spending more than a couple of minutes of their day thinking about you. Not everyone would dedicate their time looking further into yourself to really know you and understand you. However, they will be so generous scattering comments about you here and there to overwhelm others with a miserably distorted version of you. Don’t trust them. Don’t let that distorted version become a mold to shape you. You have the right and an obligation to yourself: the right to live truly and the obligation to truly live. Their comments should be no other than flashes of refection through which you complete yourself.

I know, we live among a sea of people for some reasons. You cannot build an oasis of your own and isolate yourself there. An oasis would always remain so lonely surrounded by endless deserts. Be a tree in the forest, branch by branch, sheltering and being sheltered. Be a star in the galaxy, gravity by gravity, orbiting and being orbited. We should see ourselves with our own eyes and know ourselves with our own heart, but we should also see our reflection in others’ eyes and know our place in others’ heart. After all, the one who really cares, completes you!


The random list of inspiration

1656361_914154868597622_1603144328286175657_nA good deed of stranger.

A smile.



Beautiful weather.

Someone wears something in your favorite color.

Favorite tune in a random café.

Orange sky in sunset.

Tail of a fluffy dog.

Good hair day.

Smell of new books.

And old ones, too.

Dad says something that makes the whole family laugh.

Aunty’s garden.

Teasing mom.

Playing cards with sissy.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.