Dress to feel best

I used to think that we dress to impress. That’s why I used to rotate my clothes quite often and almost felt ashamed being caught wearing a shirt twice a week. It’s a huge mistake though. Thinking that way, I wasted a lot of money on a fattening wardrobe full of junk. Also, as I thought too much of a crowd that actually paid nothing more than a quick glance at what I wore, sometimes I just forced myself to wear something that made me uncomfortable and deeply regretted the whole day long.

In the middle of the chaos, luckily I ran into the idea of “The 10 item wardrobe” brought about by Jennifer Scott. She hailed the true power of a wardrobe made up by the so-called “core items” which were defined as high-quality pieces of clothes that could be worn with heavy rotation. She also brought about the philosophy of “being presentable always” which does not seem to share much resemblance with the motto “dress to impress”.  “Being presentable always” is more about how you dress to be more confident, stemming from the fact that you appreciate yourself on a daily basis and regardless of the situation encountered rather than merely stressing on the impression you give people around you.

If you only dress to impress, you will be someone else, maybe a patched version of soon-to-be outdated magazines and overrated movies. As you wear clothes on a daily basis (hopefully), you should dress to feel best. At least, wear something you don’t regret about the minute you step out of the door.

You can find out more about the 10-item wardrobe here. I really love the way Jennifer dressed by the way.


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