As the clock is ticking

It’s not a new idea that life is so finite. I guess everyone of us sometimes think about our death, but we only deem death something of the unforeseeable future. That’s how most of us procrastinate, as we always think of tomorrow as another chance to do it all again.

Until it’s not that far away. A healthy person can be diagnosed with metastatized cancer to find out she only has some more months to do all she plans for her life. A walker-by can become a victim of a terrorists’ attack on a beautiful day while the sun still rises and the birds still sing. Everyday, there are some people saying a casual goodbye to their family, not knowing that it would be the very last. Death is of the unforeseeable future not because it’s too far away, but rather because it’s insidious. As the clock is ticking, most of us do not know how short our life may actually be.

However, I don’t think it’s possible to live a day as if it’s the last day of our life. I know, the idea’s tempting at first, ‘cause who doesn’t want to have a fervent inspiration to live fully and whole-heartedly to never regret anything unsaid or undone. The truth is, the bullet points in our bucket list normally take perseverance and hard work to be fulfilled. And one day is not enough to actually and truly live. We do not live a life of snapshots, we live a life accumulated with passions, emotions and feelings of different sorts packed in the unit of minutes, hours and days. It’s better be reminding yourself that you only live once to truly live your life, regardless of how much time we’re left with.

The clock is ticking, by the way.


(Ảnh Anh Lộc)


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