Such a great word to say, with the gentle curl of your lips, and with the echo of the French accent that eases your soul.

Whenever I say the word, I picture inside my head a gorgeous ballerina on the tips of her toes. Everything about her is meant to keep the perfect equilibrium. Everything is just right: the ankle of her elbow, the tilt of her head,  and the balance of her chin.

Balance is the ultimate beauty, I think. I find it more often in older women – those who understand the fragility of happiness and find pain just another mere fact of life. Somehow poise is not just about how you maintain that perfect balance on the tips of your toes. Poise traces more under the surface, to the core inside which defines you as you are.

I remember one Japanese writer who compared young girls who are lack of balance to “the soul of a spoon”. I like that, a lot.


I see “the poise” in Katie Holmes, and I think Suri handles herself beautifully thanks to her. (For a day when stupid magazines dish Suri.)


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