Kafka on the shore with leeches

Yesterday, I dreamt of leeches. Again. It’s such a nightmare. I haven’t seen any leeches in real life, yet the idea of a blood-sucking slippery sneaky creature just scares the hell out of me. I don’t know if there are any vague connections, but whenever I’m really stressed, I dream of leeches. Always leeches. No other monsters of any other sizes or forms.

In this dream I had, I was tied into a hospital bed, and some kind of mad scientist just used me as a host to raise a huge nasty leech. I tried to scream out of my lungs, yet I couldn’t, ’cause he just drugged me or something. I could feel the leech fiercely sucking blood out of my legs. I could feel like I’m dying slowly. Yet I couldn’t move. Yet I couldn’t scream for help. Finally I could drag myself out of the stone-heavy sleep just to suffer from an annoying migraine for the rest of the day.

Somehow the dream reminds me of Haruki Murakami’s pouring rain of leeches. Haruki’s world is so full of twisted dreams where in the search for the purest life purposes, people are driven into the weirdest quests testing their very believes and their very values. In “Kalfka on the shore”, the pouring rain of leeches is a sign to predict “something wicked this way come”, and a consequence of a tunnel being created between the existing-world and the other-world.

So does my dream habour any special meanings?


(Source: https://wildmurakamichase.wordpress.com/category/kafka-on-the-shore/)


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