The simple best friends

These days I’m just so obssessed with oil. I think oil is so versatile in catering all your needs. I’m quite a conventional person, so using oil somehow makes me feel so secured, ’cause How could you possibly mess with some good old things, right?

I literally lather myself with oil head to toe these days, and I couldn’t feel better.

1. Coconut oil


Oil pulling:

I was inspired by my favorite youtuber – cloudyapples to use coconut oil to rinse my mouth for about 20 minutes every morning before everything else. At first I found the idea of squirling raw oil in my mouth quite impossible, but now I’m totally into it. Maybe coconut oil makes it easier for me, ’cause I’m really a coconut girl.

Hair conditioning:

Before washing my hair, I use coconut oil to gently massage my scalp for 3 to 5 minutes. Then I leave it rest for 15 minutes.

Eating oil right out of the jar: 

Yes, just like Nutella. I bought a huge jar of extra virgin coconut oil and kept it in the fridge. One scoop of coconut oil everyday, keeping sickness away. Plus, it tastes far better than I expected.

2. Avocado oil:  


My skin loves avocado oil. Before trying avocado oil, I used to think I should give up on the quest to find a moisturizer that would not break me out. I use it twice a day, in the morning and before bed, feeling like Cleopatra.

3. Lavender essential oil:


At first I was just blinded by the fanciness of incorporating lavender essential oil into my skincare routine. Luckily, the fancy idea turned out to have such a steady ground for me to proceed: Lavender essential oil when mixed with a carrier oil would be great for acne-prone skin. Every night before bed, I mix avocado oil with one drop of lavender essential oil, warm the mixture up inside my palms to lather it all over my face and neck area. The aroma therapy is also another benefit. Puts myself right into sleep.

4. Olive oil: 


I pamper myself once a week with a body scrub made out of sea salt and olive oil. Simple and effective. Leaving my skin soft like silk.

Out of the vanity, it’s the simple best friends that we will stick with. For long.



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