1. Disasters cannot catch me by the toes.

  2. Daddy is always as strong as a superman.

  3. Vietnamese doctors are predators.

  4. People help you out of good will.

  5. People hope you the best.

  6. Some men prefer brains to boobs.

  7. Trump is a stupid buffon.

  8. I will be fine if I act wise.

  9. I will be liked if I act kind.

  10. There will be a limitation to my boss’ PMS rages.

  11. Old people are wise.

  12. Income from a state agency are mostly from bribes.

  13. Law is bore-ing.

  14. My sister is growing up, with more responsibilities.

  15. Globalization is on.

  16. You should not walk out of your house with no sunscreen on your face.

  17. You can’t sleep when your loved one is in pain.

  18. Oil  is no good for acnes-prone skin.

  19. I can’t do oil pulling.

  20. I can’t survive 2016.


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