I’m single.

I don’t know since when I have felt like it’s a curse spit out from my mouth. I’m 25, and being single. Such a nuisance to mom. Such a shame to aunts and mommy’s girlfriends. Such an object of “what-is-wrong-with-her” first impression. Such a poor rabbit to be put in the always-welcoming cages of matchmakers slash coworkers.

Yet I picked “How to be single” for a precious evening with no housework and homework? Well, I just want to see people cuddling. I just want to watch Dakota Johnson with her super sexy mouth. I just want to see some cute guys which will definitely show up in this movie as bonus points, selling points, what-ever. OK?

Nothing special about this movie. Just the same old thing. One night stand. No string attached. Single mom. The fading glory of the tale of a true love. Self-realization at the end of the movie. However I felt really good during the whole movie, ’cause there are some highlights after all

  1. Dakota in red:

She’s so beautiful, so so beautiful in general. I love her mouth. I love the way she talks. I love her long legs. I love how dazzling she is, in red.


How simple and smart, that office girl from the next cubicle, right?


She owns New York. She really does.

2. The guys: 

The guys are definitely the selling point of this movie.


OMG. He’s so tall. I love how dorky he is.


I love this guy’s voice. I can listen to him all day without caring about the contents of his words. Besides, it looks like he’s a really good kisser 😉

3. The “You’re so handy” scene

Really melt my heart. It’s the whole point of having a boyfriend: He’s so handy!!!!

Dakota Johnson and Nicholas Braun get cozy on the set of 'How To Be Single' **USA ONLY**

4. “Do you want to be the foot?”

He looks so so cute saying that.


5. “Dicksand”


5. Movie illusion prototype

Let me tell you something, I’m single, and it looks nothing like this:



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