Đáng quý

Khi nói về một thứ đáng quý, nếu mà nói đáng quý theo nghĩa đen, kiểu nặng nề xu chinh đồng hào, thì cũng mới chỉ là cái thường vô cùng. Đáng quý mà kiểu in những dấu vân tay thương yêu, đong đầy những chắt chiu thương quý, mòn theo thời gian và lớp lớp kỷ niệm rưng rưng thì là thứ đáng quý không phải ai cũng nhìn thấy, không phải kẻ tầm thường nào cũng nhận ra, và thật là ngốc nếu vì một đám đông thiển cận mà rũ phủi, lãng quên.



– From the Lake –

You’re so immense

When you’re blue

I’ve always looked up to you

And have no clues

of why

You can be reflected in my eyes

Blue still

but not so wide



When in blue, I think of Levitan’s paintings.




A year of walking

One of my new year resolutions is: More walking.

I intend to spend the noons walking around the neighborhood. It’s an interesting neighborhood anyway with the shady pavements and all the interesting boutiques. And I want to make use of the time to do grocery shopping.

Also, I miss the experience of a wandering passenger, just quietly observing life.

Anyway, while walking today, I discovered that I really like watching people talk. And I really want to frame them in their most relaxing and off-guard moments.

Something like this:

Đường Lâm 2017 414.JPG

I’m the oldest person in this photo by the way.

Sunrise in Brooklyn

Yesterday I watched “Brooklyn” just so randomly as I decided to stay at the office at noon instead of walking out. To me, this movie echoed such a sweet note and a mild sadness. I even played over and over again some of my favorite scenes.

Emotional attachment to the dearest homeland

I think this movie was centered around the love and emotional attachment to the homeland instead of the love between Eilis and Tony. How the witty Irish woman in the ship helped Eilis to survive her rough night on board. How the Irish priest dedicated to helping Eilis to get a better life in New York. How Eilis held her sister’s letter to her heart and sobbed after all the desperate waiting. How the Irish community in Brooklyn was connected through a tranditional Irish song that misted all their eyes. And how Tony told Eilis when she was struggling with her sister’s death, beyond his fervent desire to make her stay: “Home is home”.

Yet, the courage to choose “someone who’s only yours” which will decide “where your life is”

I have to admit that I could not help but jumped to the end of the movie to see if Eilis would go back to Brooklyn when there were so many temptations keeping her at her hometown. And yes, she was so tempted. On coming back, she found out that there’s a life for her here – a stable job, a decent husband, and above all, it’s her home. I could imagine how many chaotic thoughts swirling inside her head, and I could understand why she did not tell her mom about her marriage, or even reply Tony’s sweet letters.

Until Miss Kelly once again poked her nose into. I can’t describe how I love this twist. Eilis did not come back to Brooklyn out of the fear that Miss Kelly would reveal her secret. She just came to realize something more profounding: the reason why she left her hometown in the first place.

“Home is home”. But sometimes staying ain’t no best choice. As Eilis said after her enlightening moment: “One day the sun will come out – you might not even notice straight away, it’ll be that faint. And then you’ll catch yourself thinking about something or someone who has no connection with the past. Someone who’s only yours. And you’ll realize… that this is where your life is.”

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Eilis!!

I love her clear blue eyes and her outfits all in bright green.




By the way, I really want to come back to the good old days when people were all so elegant, like this:


Or this:


The Italian-style dinner

I love how the director minded every single tiny details. I couldn’t help laughing at all the hand gestures of the Fiorellos. Especially little Frankie. Just so Italian!!


One last thing

After watching the movie, I suddenly think of one sentence from the Bible that I actually took up from Harry Potter: “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

After all, home is home, but home is also where your heart is.