Against the current

An intern of my office told me that I looked a little bit off, and that she would never bother showing me around shopping for more “feminine” and “smart” clothing. She rambled on about how I should style my hair, how I should apply my make-up and of course, how to pick up boys. She said that my posture sucks, and I would never get through a 2-sentence conversation with boys.

Ok, that’s rude.

Shut up, bitch! – That’s what I should have said.

But as usual, I swallowed the bad words that were dancing on the tips of my tongue, and laughed along with others, even thanked her for her “kindness”.


I’m swimming against the current right now. I really feel the friction, losing some scales already over the everyday knick-knacks.

Screw it, I’m living my life. My way.

I can wear my mom’s coat to feel the mommy’s power getting me through the day.

I can wear my messy low pony tails to be a little bit free and off-duty.

I can wear my bare face to find my imperfection just another thing I thank for and cherish.




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