A little bit of discomfort every day

I try to go against my laziness to folder my documents today. I don’t know why it takes me so damn long to do the easy task. Deep down inside, I’ve always believed that I can do the task whenever I want, which is true, but also ridiculously naive. The truth is: Easy tasks are meant to be carried out at once, or they would remain there until they become such a huge problem to deal with.

A little bit of discomfort every day would do more good than harm.


  • Don’t ever wait until the sink is full to do the dishes.
  • Don’t ever leave your stove and oven unclean after each cooking. It takes only 5 minutes. Leave the stains uncleaned today, and gnash your teeth to wash them off some days later.
  • Clean your bathroom shelf, your mirror and  your sink every time you take your evening shower. Tips: Spray detergent on the floor and into your toilet, and leave it over night. The next morning job would be so easy peasy.


  • Try to catch up with friends and relatives. No need to swing by often. A call or a text message is so damn easy, but most of the time I fail to do that simple courtesy which makes me feel so horrible about myself.


  • Paper will pile up. Beware!!
  • So are assignments.

Health care

  • Health issues arise from accumulated little tit bits. Stick with good habits. Most of them consume only some few minutes of your day. Such as flossing. I’ve been flossing for about 5 years now, and yay me, I feel like a boss!!!!



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