Better behind closed doors

People all look nice in public.

They dress so well.

They post or share their best images on social media.

But who they really are, behind closed door?

I think I will go first. Looking at me, people think I’m a gentle and good girl. But I’m not.

I rarely do housework. I often go home late, so my sister does everything. She cooks dinner. I eat, and put the dishes in the sink. For her to wash the next day. How irresponsible!

My room is such a mess. I have a huge bookshelf that is about to crash one day. I have piles of paper on my working desk, and I don’t even move my fingers to tidy them up. Worst of all, I often leave home without doing my bed. Nasty, huh?

I’m very lazy. And messy. That’s me. Behind closed doors.

I know a guy at work. Technically, he’s my boss. If you go thorough his facebook, you’ll be impressed. He travels a lot to fancy places. He meets important people from time to time. He sometimes shares smiling pictures of him, seemingly loved by friends and respected by colleagues.

I only know him behind closed doors of my office. He’s a jack-ass. Everybody hates him.

If I want to be a better human-being, everything starts with me – behind closed doors. Things don’t need to be huge, like learning a new language or going to the gym.

Just do my dishes and my bed.

Just that.


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