Another nightmare in open eyes

The corridor of the hospital could be a life time obsession. Months go, yet it is still so vivid in her mind, that long windy corridor, as empty as her poor heart. As she walked that corridor, she’s so scared of what was expecting her at the end of it – her guardian angel suffering from the most human pains, her symbol of peace and shelter being cut open, bleeding, being consumed from inside by a dark force that once faintly haunted her just like an echo of an unknown source. Disaster came without a warning, and drowned her under heavy, silky, dark and cold water. She was somehow at peace, in the status of being numb from all the external stimulants. She damned that peace, damned that feeling of being buried alive, under water, still breathing and walking, yet feeling like she’s inside the stomach of a huge ferocious monster. When emotions were back, she repeated in her head, over and over again:

“Don’t be a human in another life!

Don’t be a human in another life …”


The haunting “The scream” by Edvard Munch


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