Practicing simplicity

A line from “Bridge of spies” really struck me: “Would it help?”

Particularly, it goes like:

James Donovan: I have a mandate to serve you. Nobody else does. Quite frankly, everybody else has an interest in sending you to the electric chair.

Rudolf Abel: All right…

James Donovan: You don’t seem alarmed.

Rudolf Abel: Would it help?

Since then, I ask myself that question whenever I’m about to make a fuss. It really helps.

Something like:

OMG. I’m having a total new class tonight. I’m not sure they’re gonna like me. What if they are not interested in studying? What if their levels vary so much? What if … blah blah blah

Would it help? Shut up, keep calm and prepare the lesson plan. That helps.

OMG. I love this dress so much. Though it doesn’t go really well with many items in my wardrobe, I think it would make me look fancy on special occasions such as my friend’s wedding next week. Plus, it’s 50% off.

Would it help? No, of course it wouldn’t. It does not help your capsule wardrobe, at all.

OMG. My friends all seem to go on so well with their life. I mean they travel, they study abroad, they get promoted, they get married to awesome people, they have amazing kids. I’m in the middle of nowhere.

Would it help? You’re juggling your 2 jobs, your study and your relationships. You should focus on your life. That helps.


Sunrise in Brooklyn

Yesterday I watched “Brooklyn” just so randomly as I decided to stay at the office at noon instead of walking out. To me, this movie echoed such a sweet note and a mild sadness. I even played over and over again some of my favorite scenes.

Emotional attachment to the dearest homeland

I think this movie was centered around the love and emotional attachment to the homeland instead of the love between Eilis and Tony. How the witty Irish woman in the ship helped Eilis to survive her rough night on board. How the Irish priest dedicated to helping Eilis to get a better life in New York. How Eilis held her sister’s letter to her heart and sobbed after all the desperate waiting. How the Irish community in Brooklyn was connected through a tranditional Irish song that misted all their eyes. And how Tony told Eilis when she was struggling with her sister’s death, beyond his fervent desire to make her stay: “Home is home”.

Yet, the courage to choose “someone who’s only yours” which will decide “where your life is”

I have to admit that I could not help but jumped to the end of the movie to see if Eilis would go back to Brooklyn when there were so many temptations keeping her at her hometown. And yes, she was so tempted. On coming back, she found out that there’s a life for her here – a stable job, a decent husband, and above all, it’s her home. I could imagine how many chaotic thoughts swirling inside her head, and I could understand why she did not tell her mom about her marriage, or even reply Tony’s sweet letters.

Until Miss Kelly once again poked her nose into. I can’t describe how I love this twist. Eilis did not come back to Brooklyn out of the fear that Miss Kelly would reveal her secret. She just came to realize something more profounding: the reason why she left her hometown in the first place.

“Home is home”. But sometimes staying ain’t no best choice. As Eilis said after her enlightening moment: “One day the sun will come out – you might not even notice straight away, it’ll be that faint. And then you’ll catch yourself thinking about something or someone who has no connection with the past. Someone who’s only yours. And you’ll realize… that this is where your life is.”

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Eilis!!

I love her clear blue eyes and her outfits all in bright green.




By the way, I really want to come back to the good old days when people were all so elegant, like this:


Or this:


The Italian-style dinner

I love how the director minded every single tiny details. I couldn’t help laughing at all the hand gestures of the Fiorellos. Especially little Frankie. Just so Italian!!


One last thing

After watching the movie, I suddenly think of one sentence from the Bible that I actually took up from Harry Potter: “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

After all, home is home, but home is also where your heart is.

Single in red

I’m single.

I don’t know since when I have felt like it’s a curse spit out from my mouth. I’m 25, and being single. Such a nuisance to mom. Such a shame to aunts and mommy’s girlfriends. Such an object of “what-is-wrong-with-her” first impression. Such a poor rabbit to be put in the always-welcoming cages of matchmakers slash coworkers.

Yet I picked “How to be single” for a precious evening with no housework and homework? Well, I just want to see people cuddling. I just want to watch Dakota Johnson with her super sexy mouth. I just want to see some cute guys which will definitely show up in this movie as bonus points, selling points, what-ever. OK?

Nothing special about this movie. Just the same old thing. One night stand. No string attached. Single mom. The fading glory of the tale of a true love. Self-realization at the end of the movie. However I felt really good during the whole movie, ’cause there are some highlights after all

  1. Dakota in red:

She’s so beautiful, so so beautiful in general. I love her mouth. I love the way she talks. I love her long legs. I love how dazzling she is, in red.


How simple and smart, that office girl from the next cubicle, right?


She owns New York. She really does.

2. The guys: 

The guys are definitely the selling point of this movie.


OMG. He’s so tall. I love how dorky he is.


I love this guy’s voice. I can listen to him all day without caring about the contents of his words. Besides, it looks like he’s a really good kisser 😉

3. The “You’re so handy” scene

Really melt my heart. It’s the whole point of having a boyfriend: He’s so handy!!!!

Dakota Johnson and Nicholas Braun get cozy on the set of 'How To Be Single' **USA ONLY**

4. “Do you want to be the foot?”

He looks so so cute saying that.


5. “Dicksand”


5. Movie illusion prototype

Let me tell you something, I’m single, and it looks nothing like this:


I love you, claws and flaws

Why do you love someone?

Sometimes, we love someone because they’re simply dazzling.

Sometimes, we love someone because they  help us to be better, because they love us, and they care about us.

How about someone, with all claws and flaws? Someone who is neither dazzling, nor helping?

Like this one:


I’m not anymore into this type of movies, yet what really struck me is the love from Dory’s parents to her. Disney’s movies in general are no longer into the prototype of prince-princess true love. True love in those movies are now popularly defined as the love of parents to their children or the love of siblings. Only those who are connected with blood ties can be bound by an unconditional love – the type of love which is, against all odds, extended to you, and to all your claws and flaws.

But first of all, you should accept yourself with all your claws and flaws. Even when they don’t give you a chance, why don’t you just give yourself one? Give yourself the chance to forget all the flaws and walk with your chin up and your light heart. Give yourself the chance to have a do-over. Give yourself the chance to live out of their expectation. Give yourself the chance to be flawed, completely flawed, yet you feel ok about it. Tell you what, for the rest of your life, you’re going to live with your flaws, but it’s not your fault. It’s another chance for you to learn how to be better.


It’s such a nice day to go to the movie theater spontaneously. Well, at first I intended to go to a hotel in Thanh Nien street, however, I lost my way. Feeling so bad about myself, I decided to go to the movie theater to drown my sorrow by some action movies, the kind of movie I love. It’s so ridiculous that I always go to the movie theater alone, and the even more weird thing is I love that. How pathetic!

I decided that I had to go to the movie theater more often, ’cause it’s such a nice place to be. If I was a New Yorker, or if I was wealthy, I would reserve a cubicle in Broadway for the whole season. How I love the theater! But, well, the movie theater is a much cheaper way to truly enjoy the seventh art. I would never waste my money on clothes or some other stupid girl stuffs anymore. Just want to spend more time enjoying the experience in some places in Hanoi and going to the movie theater more often. It teaches me so much, I mean, life. If I stay at home the whole day, if I sort of retreat into my shell and forget the world outside, I would become a fool, a pathetic fool who never knows anything, feels anything or truly experiences anything. I’m sick of not knowing any streets or any places in the small damn city named Hanoi. I’m sick of feeling so scared and so lost in some crazy streets down town. I’m sick of feeling like a big fat loser entering somewhere new, somewhere cool, somewhere to which I never feel I sort of belong. These feelings hurt me bad. So I decide to change. I should, I have to, I must … There ain’t no other way to go. And I don’t think that it’s difficult. Well, think of it as another big assignment, that’s all it takes.

And luckily I ran into a really cool stuff for today. Stolen. Starring Nicolas Cage, my favorite action movie star. Great! There’s nothing quite special or quite mind-blowing about this movie. But I still loved it. Maybe it’s because of my bad day, my terrible feelings and all the chaotic mess waiting for me to rearrange. Maybe it’s because of the movie theater’s effects. I don’t know. Though I missed the first 30-minute due to some couldn’t-be-more-stupid reasons, I still follow the plot quite well. One of the best thing I love about US less-than-2-hour movie, I guess?

I have to say that Nicolas Cage could impress audiences merely by his look. I mean, he’s super cool, he’s sort of dark and he seems dangerous inside. Comparing to him, the good-looking guy Taylor Lautner is only qualified for some sentimental stuffs just like Twilight saga. I love his eyes, deep and sad eyes, always seem to cast a shadow on the one who confronts him. Whenever I look at him, no matter how gangster he looks, no matter how many guns he brings, how much kicking-butt moves he performs, no matter how much blood staining his face or his clothes, well, I still see a good family man with the past full of sorrow, like he’s carrying a heart-breaking curse during his whole damn life. And I love him that way.

The movie is not quite thrilling, not much blood and body’s parts scattering like The expendables 2 (one of the very few movies making me cover my eyes at some scenes). With a beautiful chick, some really intelligent moves, a psycho as a bad guy, dumb-yet-funny FBI cops, father-daughter conflict, a little touch of sarcasm, happy-ending finally … it’s just another quite-familiar-and-typical action movie I’ve known so many. But on the whole, this movie is well-organized, quite entertaining and touching to some extents. So bad I nearly shed some tears at the father-daughter conflict solving part.

It’s quite strange that the character impressed me the most in the movie is the psycho. He kidnapped Will’s daughter to ask for a 10-million-dollar debt in the past. He hated Will ’cause according to him, Will ruined his most beloved thing on earth: himself. I still remembered the part when Will met another guy on that psycho’s side, that guy told Will that Will had pushed Vincent – the psycho’s name – into such a strange situation – the situation of numbness. Vincent could hardly feel anything anymore. His heart was frozen. His existence was meaningless. Oh my god, I’ve never given much thought about being numb. But I think it’s even worse than death. Think about it, you walk, you eat, you talk … but you lose the ability to respond emotionally to things, you don’t feel any joy, hope or even fear or jealousy, you have no inspirations to do something for some purposes, your heart still beats, but it’s half dead from inside … I was so scared at that moment that I had to put on a scarf to stop myself from shaking. Too bad to think that there’re some situations of that terrible, and worst of all, some of us might probably have to face it in some parts of our life due to some certain circumstances we could never predict. I’ve always looked down on cheap thoughts, glossy appearance, snobby behaviors, well, all the shiny but empty stuffs of life that some people trace after in some stupid and pathetic manners. But from today, I think being numb is the worst case that a person could fall into. The worst of the very worst …

My head is pounding right now. I think it’s time to go to bed. Tomorrow is another loaded day to live. But it’s ok. I’ll go out there and learn something new. I can’t be pathetic like that anymore. I just can’t.