The Coldplay project (Day 1) – Viva la vida

I got struck to the bone in a moment of breathless delight the first day I came across this song as a cover by Taylor Swift. I like Taylor, and I turned to her version every once in a while, yet the original is unquestionably the best. I love listening to this song every morning when I wake up, as I think the fresh start of a new day would linger a little while longer with me if accompanied by something incredibly resonating with myself. As the song plays, I find myself floating among different layers of emotions. No, floating sounds so monotonous and subjective. Better be “rolling” among different layers of emotions. A little touch of sacarsm, a couple of looking-back moments, a lingering bitterness of former glory regret, a subtle imprint of a far-gone love … I always sigh, feeling a sudden trembling movement running through my backbone when he chants: “Oh who would want to be king …?”

The best thing about Cold play is their lyrics. Viva la vida is definately a must-be-named in the list. Built on the background of a former glory, the song finds no difficulty in carrying me back to the past, overwhelming me among a cluster of unfulfilled childhood dreams or turning a mess of intertwining events I experienced into something simple and visible. Words like: “And I discover that my castles stand upon pillars of salt and pillar of sand” are worth playing all day inside my head, as I recall my constantly-buiding-then-falling system of beliefs over the years.

I can’t resist the temptation of covering this song. My version is horrible, yet I think once you love something so much, you would find your own way to make a part of it yours.